人類圖當中有一個我很好奇的地方就是輪迴十字(Incarnation Cross)

像我是Left Angle Cross of Defiance (1/2 | 4/49)

Incarnation Cross-1.jpg       


花了一天終於找到一些文章 關於Incarnation Cross的訊息


看看我們的人類圖 左邊(意識)和右邊(潛意識)有特殊的星象學符號

從上往下排第一個代表太陽 第二個代表地球

而你的輪迴十字 就是意識的太陽和地球的連線以及潛意識太陽和地球的連線

Incarnation Cross-2.jpg

十字有分 左旋 和右璇以及並列




接下來 我找到了 Left Angle Cross of Defiance 的意思.....是蔑視的意思 

 (1/2 | 4/49) 屬於第四卦門 突變型的掛門 意味者 

想要改變時 就會產生一股力量讓你去改變

Incarnation Cross-5.jpg

Left Angle Cross of Defiance 在一個英文網址裡有大約的解釋


擁有這輪迴十字的人是具有強大的能量為自己而活 展現出自己

這類的人知道這世界的規則是怎麼定義的 而他們有足夠的力量去跨越

或是駕馭這些規則 他們來到這世上就是確保他們的聲音能夠表達出來


或許這意味者 這樣的人生就是要體現自己的所有一切

Incarnation Cross-4.jpg

好吧 這樣可能太抽象了



 (1/2 | 4/49) 閘門中

1-創造力-創意十足 有時候也意味者喜歡一個人做事 喜歡找出新的表達方式

2-感知力-知道自己的人生方向 必且專心致志去達成 也因為如此可能和一般人的想法背道而馳

不過答案通常都是肯定的 因為你能看到別人看不到的足跡

4-解決問題-用盡一切心力去解決問題 甚至可以解決 無法解決的問題

49-改革-內心有一股想要把生活活得正確的渴求 知道何時應該要改變

打破舊方法 徹底改革




這一類的人 很想要表達自己的想法並且隨時都有好的點子


但是當他卡關的時候 他一定會用革命的方式 突破重圍

而且一定會或的強大的力量去改變 並且真正超越一切規則和界線


Incarnation Cross-6.jpg



一起解讀 你可以更了解你自己

你先天上的性格 以及你的思考模式和判斷 




可能可以幫助我們更順利的改變自己 或順應自己







碰到的人生難題 也的確常常主動去解決   當然偶爾還是會逃避..........

我不常改革 但是我知道我的人生當中



Incarnation Cross-3.jpg


輪迴十字的看法可以參考 作者:貓式百匯 的這篇文章






















輪迴十字(Incarnation Cross)大概的意義 您可以點下面的連結

研究人類圖第六步-輪迴十字(Incarnation Cross) 









Human Design, I'm interested in reincarnation Cross (Incarnation Cross)

Like I was【Left Angle Cross of Defiance 】(1/2 | 4/49)

But few have written books or articles on such knowledge

I spent a day and finally found some articles about the Incarnation Cross of messages

Let's explain how come it

Check out our Human Design left of the figure (awareness) and right (subconscious) has a special astrological sign

Down from the second row of the first representative represents the sun Earth

And you reincarnation Cross is conscious of the connection of the sun and the earth and the sun and the Earth subconscious connection

Cross watched Juxtaposition and Left Angle and Right Angle

Right Angle feels like the right people are on their own to explore the road of life

Left Angle people will be sharing everything out

Detailed part can go to find these articles I read some Web pages  !!!!

Then I found the Left Angle Cross of Defiance mean ..... meaning of contempt

 (1/2 | 4/49) belonging to the fourth hexagram mutant door hanging by the door means

It will produce a force to let you go when you want to change to change

Left Angle Cross of Defiance in an English web site has about interpretation

This explains Speaking

Who owns Cross reincarnation is a powerful energy for their own live show

Such people know the rules of this world is defined and how they have enough strength to leap

Or control of these rules that they came to this world is to make sure that their voices can be expressed

And no one can limit

Perhaps this means that such a person is to reflect all of life all their own

Well this may too abstract

I interpret Step by step 

================================================== ====================

 (1/2 | 4/49) gate in

1- creativity - creative sometimes mean a person who likes to do things like find new means of expression

2- perception - will know their direction in life and dedication to reach and because of this may run counter to the general idea

But the answer is usually yes because you can see what others can not see the footprints

4- solve the problem - the exhaustion of all the effort to solve the problem can not be solved even problems

49- reform - want to live inside there was a desire to live the right to know when it should be changed

Breaking the old method of thorough reform

================================================== =======================

→ by these four gates plus explanation and interpretation of this cycle of the cross probably fourth quadrant

It may explain the

This kind of people are want to express their own ideas and have a good idea at any time

He knew his direction in life know what solutions and move forward

But When he encountered difficulties  he will break the siege in a revolutionary manner

And there will be a powerful force to change and really beyond all rules and boundaries

================================================== =========================

So it is wonderful Human Design

Cross + open the floodgates +connected channel +Life Roles +energy

Reading together you can better understand yourself

Innate character on you and your thought patterns and judgment

Of course, this can be changed .....

Just before we want to change their own destiny

Perhaps to understand their own personality

You may be able to help us more smoothly or adapt to change their own

================================================== =========================

all right

It also makes me more aware of their

No wonder I often have a lot of ideas

And my thoughts are often not the same with others

And I really would like to how to take the next step on my

Life indeed encountered problems often take the initiative to solve the course occasionally still escape ..........

I do not often reform them but I know my life

I did do some revolutionary .................




Cross view of reincarnation can refer Author: cat style Parkway this article


English commentary about reincarnation Cross


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